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Asheville Wedding Venue Series: Interview with Michelle Zimmer (Event Manager at Camp Pinnacle)

April 21, 2020 Bryce Bjornson / Michelle Zimmer Season 1 Episode 6
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Asheville Wedding Venue Series: Interview with Michelle Zimmer (Event Manager at Camp Pinnacle)
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Meet Michelle Zimmer, event manager at Camp Pinnacle.

Today, we go behind the scenes on camp weddings. Is a camp wedding right for you? That's a good question - listen in to find out.

After this interview, I am even more excited about summer camp weddings!

Camp Pinnacle offers on-site lodging, in house catering, and plenty of activities to keep your guests busy during your wedding weekend.


Hosted by Bryce Bjornson, owner and founder of Jack's 47.

Jack's 47 Mobile Bar helps couples create a better experience for their guests at the bar. They service the southeast region with a focus on Asheville and Charleston.


Bryce (Jack's 47 Mobile Bar):   0:01
Hey Everyone. This is Bryce with Jack's 47 today. We're talking to Michelle Zimmer from Camp Pinnacle. She's the event manager there. And I can attest to the fact that Camp Pinnacle is a beautiful spot. They not only our summer camp but host weddings. So today we're gonna talk to Michelle a little bit about the wedding industry, camp weddings in general and why people should get married at Camp Pinnacle. Michelle, thanks for joining us, I'd love to start out with how you got to where you are today. What was it? The weddings that intrigued you was the summer camp. How did you get to where you are right now?

Michelle (Camp Pinnacle):   0:43
Uh, thank you for having me here today, and ya, Camp Pinnacle is a beautiful location. And I actually started out there working in the summers. We didn't really have an event program when I first started there, and I was, you know, a teacher working in the dining hall at summer camp and fell in love with the energy, the atmosphere, camp clinical. And a couple of years later, we started getting a lot of requests and people calling in about weddings and events at camp, and I just kind of transitioned into that role. Is starting the program and becoming the event manager there.

Bryce (Jack's 47 Mobile Bar):   1:23
So you started out in the catering portion of the business, Is that right? So you were ah, during the school year. And then you worked there during the summer?

Michelle (Camp Pinnacle):   1:35
Yes. And the dining hall.

Bryce (Jack's 47 Mobile Bar):   1:38
And I believe you have a catering program now, is that right?

Michelle (Camp Pinnacle):   1:43
We do! Yeah. We provide all of the catering throughout the weekend and work with each couple to create a custom menu. So we've got samples, but really, whatever they want to eat their weekend, they get to have and a miss, you know, great process. And because I started out in the dining hall, I worked very closely with our chef, and I'm right along throughout the whole process of menu development, staffing their servers, being there at each meal that they have a swell threats.

Bryce (Jack's 47 Mobile Bar):   2:16
Well, I think that experience is so relevant, right, because the food is a very important yet fragile process of the wedding. You know, one of the first weddings I did. We They had a barbecue and they did a whole hog barbecue, and they didn't start until the morning. So the hog wasn't done in time for dinner. So we had to delay dinner by two hours because they didn't start it the night before, Which is what you should traditionally d'oh, when doing a whole hog. You know, I first hand experience can attest to how important the catering aspect is and making sure that the timing and the quality and also the service is there because, you know, if you have people that air helping out, you know, you need to have, um, the right folks in place.

Michelle (Camp Pinnacle):   3:08
Yeah, and we definitely have a phenomenal team. I mean, when when we're cooking at camp, I don't eat at home. You know, I get excited about it, excited about the menus and what we've got that day.

Bryce (Jack's 47 Mobile Bar):   3:21
So, Cam Pinnacle is down in Hendersonville, right?

Michelle (Camp Pinnacle):   3:25
Yes, and isn't.

Bryce (Jack's 47 Mobile Bar):   3:27
And there seemed to be a lot of camps down there. Do you know why there are so many camps? And that little this area is Tonawanduh, right?

Michelle (Camp Pinnacle):   3:38
Yeah. Tonawanda koalas nearby, um, blue stars just down the road. I mean, there's a ton of camps clustered right in this area, and it just it was so beautiful. I live out here, you know, the you've got Pinnacle on DuPont Forest nearby. Yeah, it's just a great a great area to be done.

Bryce (Jack's 47 Mobile Bar):   4:00
And it's funny that, you know, people getting are getting married at summer camps. I love it. I just think it's great, Um, but I'm wondering how that trend started. Do you think it's because people would meet it a summer camp? And then, you know, Seo, let's go get married at the place where we met? Or is it because of the facilities that are already in place that make it a really good wedding venue? In my opinion, do you have any thoughts on how this, you know? Let's let's call it Maybe trend got kicked off in the first place.

Michelle (Camp Pinnacle):   4:32
Yeah, it's definitely a trend that I've seen grow since I started. I started in 2014 with the events, and I think you do have that case where both bride and groom or one of them went to summer camp, and they have such bond of memories. Um, and so they want to share that with their friends and family. And you have. I think I've had a couple that maybe have met have a camp, but I think it's more common that that couple themselves has a love of nature and being outside. And really their focus is quality Time and a summer can't provide you that opportunity to not just spend an evening, but a whole weekend playing with your friends and family and being outside and connecting as opposed to a traditional ceremony followed by a reception for the evening. As I think that trend in the good friend is, we just got reports that quality time. Um, and just the love of nature and outdoors is why I see people realizing that this is a great option,

Bryce (Jack's 47 Mobile Bar):   5:37
definitely. And with people being so spread out these days, you really don't get to spend much time with your friends and family throughout the year, right? So a wedding is a great chance for everyone to come together, and I look at it and if you're having a destination wedding, you know people are flying, you know, in from all over for the weekend, and all you have is a four hour reception. You could barely spend five minutes, which, with each member of the wedding and it would be over. You know, it's like if you look at the actual logistics of your reception and interacting with the spokes you've invited from all over the country, the typical wedding day doesn't make much sense anymore. It makes a lot more sense. Toe have a rehearsal dinner and a wedding reception and a goodbye brunch, Um, and having everyone stay close together so you can take that time to interact. And that's why, personally, I'm a big fan of the camp wedding because it just seems more you know more how you know, it sounds simple, but just fun, right? Instead of instead of having to get all, you know, all Ah, Gus, enough that one period of time, you know, and then seeing people, you can see people Friday night. You can see people of Saturday morning and Sunday morning and Sunday afternoon, and it just it just seems like a more easy going flow. Um, I'm sure you've experienced that as well, and I I looked at some pictures of weddings that you all have done where people are like doing archery and on the news, and you tell us a little bit more about what kind of activities are available for couples. You know, getting married at a summer camp, especially,

Michelle (Camp Pinnacle):   7:26
Yeah, We've got so many activities that some couples even choose to add an extra day on to their weekend rental. And I mean, the first thing that most couples and events really focus on is the waterfront. So you've got the lake surrounded by our property, which is wonderful because that means it's just you, your friends and family swimming. Um, we've got kayaks, canoes, stand up paddleboards that they're out on, you know? And on that waterfront there's a rope swing and different inflatables. I mean, so the waterfront really attracts people all weekend. Um, you know, as you on top of that, we've got a zip line that lands in the lake. We've got a phenomenal high roads course and the high road's course. I think that is, and it's just it's out of this world, Really. It's our Sky Park and was great about that. Is even if you're, you know, afraid of heights are not wanting to get up there. It's entertaining. Tow watch. You know, everyone up there being big kids up in the trees doing obstacles on. And then I mean, then we've got, you know, climbing tower are Drea and athletic feel disc Also, mountain bike trails, Putt putt Gauls. Uh, that's much more. I mean, it's really it's summer campus. It's, you know, so many of my couples I give the tour and they're like, Oh, we never got to go to summer camp and like, Well, now you do like now you literally have summer camp. And this time you know, everyone's and you're just all there.

Bryce (Jack's 47 Mobile Bar):   9:02
I love that idea. So I'm curious, though. How do you staff all these activities? Is it? You know, do you have, ah, people on board that air ready to help out? Or is it kind of do D I y? And, you know, figure it out yourself.

Michelle (Camp Pinnacle):   9:18
All the stamping is through me. So the couples will let me know what activities they want to run that weekend on have open and the time frames. They want it open. And so, based on the schedule I create with them, I'll staff there lifeguards, um, staff to run the high ropes, course archery, and then someone of the activities you know are you know, don't require staffing, and they just kind of get a gym bag with all the equipment from me and again, I they don't have to write about fasting anything. They just let me know what they want for the weekend.

Bryce (Jack's 47 Mobile Bar):   9:56
So, for the typical wedding weekend, when did they get to arrive? Is it you know, Friday after noon. Is it Friday morning? Friday night? Like, I'm just curious with logistics of when they can show up and when they have to leave.

Michelle (Camp Pinnacle):   10:14
Yeah. So our contracts, the traditional contact will start at three o'clock on Friday. So Friday afternoon, um, and it'll go through Sunday at two o'clock. There are because I know a lot of groups are really excited to get in early on Friday. Uh, we can often work on, like, an early arrival. It just depends on if we have anyone there during the week. And so it kind of give us that gives us that flexibility work for sure. You'll begin by three. Um, chances. I can typically get the bride and groom in a little early to start setting up and dropping things off.

Bryce (Jack's 47 Mobile Bar):   10:51
Okay. Okay. Great. So they're staying there Friday and Saturday night because there is on site lodging in the way of cabins.

Michelle (Camp Pinnacle):   11:01
It is, Yes. Camp Camden's and

Bryce (Jack's 47 Mobile Bar):   11:06
enclosed. Are they open air? Do they have bathrooms? Is that a central? You know, what's the deal with the lodging at Camp Pinnacle?

Michelle (Camp Pinnacle):   11:14
Why? Yeah. I mean, the thing is, we are first and foremost a summer camp. And so, you know, your guests that choose to stay on site will be staying in the same accommodations that are kids staying in the summer. Uh, we have nice captain's, you know, there. But they are their cabin there, enclosed. They've got screens to keep that airflow in there. Uh, there's electricity in the cabins as well, and a handful of the cabins do have bathrooms inside of them. The majority, though, do use bathhouses. I will say on the tours whenever guests, they are bathhouses and like, Wow, this is These are nice. You know, it's it's not what many people envisioned as a camp at house. You are. Camp has been renovated, updated, and, you know, it's like said it's for it is a summer camp, You know, you're not at the country club, but, uh, they're nice, you know, the guests. Typically, there's no complaints.

Bryce (Jack's 47 Mobile Bar):   12:13
Yeah, well, that brings me to a point that I think everyone needs to year, and that's ah, who is not well suited for a camp wedding. What type of person

Michelle (Camp Pinnacle):   12:29
that you know, I think someone who would not do well is if you have that, like so the country club wedding in place, you know, like you are going to be using bathhouses and shared spaces. So if you have a group that's very private and you think everyone's gonna want their own room or uncomfortable using, you know, bathhouses, um you know, then you're gonna want to kind of gauge your group. Um, if you know, weather is very, you know, your event. You're outside all weekend. Um and so if you're someone who wants to eliminate the stress of any weather issues during your weekends, you know, camp we can eat, we can be flexible, and there's definitely covered spaces. But if you don't wanna have to worry about whether and take that off the table and you know it's probably the campus, probably not the best location. Uh, but that being said we because you have the camp, the holy and reflects a ble a time. You know, if a storm comes in, you can wait. There's no one else waiting to get in right after you. Um, and we do have a multiple covered spaces for backup, but yeah, I think, um, if you don't want to be outside all weekend Oh, are you know, you really your group is more private. Um, then it may not be the best choice, but if you're there to have fun and be outside and don't mind leaving the high heels at how you know and camps the perfect place for you

Bryce (Jack's 47 Mobile Bar):   14:07
Well, the wedding that that we were present for Jack's 47 was a rainy day and

Michelle (Camp Pinnacle):   14:16
lies. Yes,

Bryce (Jack's 47 Mobile Bar):   14:16
they had to perform their ceremony in the Would you call that the dining hall?

Michelle (Camp Pinnacle):   14:24
That was our recep. The reception space that.

Bryce (Jack's 47 Mobile Bar):   14:27
Okay, Jim, The gym? Yeah. Yes, that's that's normally functions purely is the reception space. But that day you did set it up as a ceremony site, and there were probably a good 101 120 people at that wedding, and they all fit perfectly on those shares that you all lined up. Yeah, like I was almost surprised at how well that works. So, um, I do love venues that have good rain day plans because we're in North Carolina, where you know, we could get a lot of rain. Um, and it's so random, right? So having that option, I think it's really important. So I'm glad you all have that. Yeah, besides

Michelle (Camp Pinnacle):   15:15
that Good. Oh, it's just it's a quick, you know, because we're there and everything's outside already. Ah, that decision can be made last minute. You know, it's really like summer. It's really flexible. And, um, we've got the backup plan. We've used it before, so it's, you know, as far as backup. Last three. Low stress.

Bryce (Jack's 47 Mobile Bar):   15:37
Yeah, that is a good point because there are some venues that run out by the day or even by the hour. So if you miss your slot because of rain, you know, that's I could be pretty tough to to figure out. So again, I love these wedding weekends, especially when their camps, because you can engage in all these really fun camp activities. Now you're the not only event manager, but you're also kind of like the wedding coordinator for these folks, Is that right?

Michelle (Camp Pinnacle):   16:13
Yeah, that's right. So I'm the event manager for Camp Pinnacle, and then we have an additional package that couples can add on, which is instead of like their traditional day of coordinator. It's a weekend of wedding coordinator, and so couples choose to add on the weekend of what In coordinator package. That's me. Uh and so I kind of switched from being just the site manager into being there coordinator for the weekend, which then that just, you know, I become the point person for all of their vendors on Friday when they have guests arriving and finding their cabins. I kind I'll be the person that sits at there second table to greet everyone, get them their cabin assignments and give any information the couple wants them to have. Whether these schedules are welcome bags. And so I really become, you know, I'm there all weekend from Friday. So they leave on Sunday being that person Thio, do you know pretty much whatever they need the point person for their weekend.

Bryce (Jack's 47 Mobile Bar):   17:16
Yeah, Yeah, that's great. That's very important at that same wedding where we had the pig problem, there was no wedding coordinator and they were just all sorts of hiccups that you don't even think of. But that's why you have a wedding coordinator because they know about the hiccups that can happen right? And they're they're Thio. Fix that and deal with that. So I am. I'm a huge fan of that, and I love that you offer that as a service. So you talked a little bit about you know, some of the different roles that you play for Cam Pinnacle. What's your favorite part of the process? Working with clients and other folks that are booking the venue? Do you know? Do you like all the phone calls? Do you like the the the day of right? Are you excited for that execution? What's what's the most fun part for you

Michelle (Camp Pinnacle):   18:09
now? The most fun parts is I mean, the execution the weekend of I mean, there's section energy you've been you know, I've been working with them from showing them the camp on that initial to wear on day one to, you know, sometimes over a year of them, the back and forth. But it became a valor. Phone calls to the weekend of what they show back up and their weekend is here. You know, they're not showing up for a two hour. They're not showing up. To walk around and take measurements is like it's show time and we're ready for him, you know? And I think just to have that we can come together that they've been dreaming about is amazing and executed and to be there behind the scenes, seeing everything on solos, um, is amazing. And every weekend is different. You know, um, the people that friends, you know, it's just such a different energy. And so you need that. That's my favorite part is like just being there. Uhm admits to all of the energy and magic that happens at camp.

Bryce (Jack's 47 Mobile Bar):   19:13
Did you ever think you're gonna be involved with weddings as a professional? That's a career.

Michelle (Camp Pinnacle):   19:18
No. No, I didn't. Uh, like I said, I have, ah, background and education, and I started out just working summers. And, you know, I love hosting dinner parties and planning. And, you know, as an educator, I'm very familiar with schedules and timelines and being flexible. So a lot of those pills, you know, really aid and you know, me being an event coordinators fires again. The planning, the timeline, the flexibility. Um, I used in both careers and yeah, I never saw it coming, but it is just so much fun. And I've fallen in love with it. I absolutely love being out there on the weekends and being at camp and being a part of these weddings that we have.

Bryce (Jack's 47 Mobile Bar):   20:07
Totally. And I feel like a broken record. But I love these camp weddings. I've done a couple of them, and people just seem more relaxed. They seem it seems more natural. The flow is better. Uh, it's just overall. I'm a big fan. Um, but it is a commitment, right? You do. You're going to spend the whole weekend there with all these people, and it's definitely a commitment, but, um, if it makes sense, and I think it does for weddings that are happening where a lot of the guests are from out of town, right, Because that lodging factor that I think you know, it could really um yeah, it makes sense for a lot of people. Now, I know that you already talked about the lodging, but I want to go back again, so

Michelle (Camp Pinnacle):   20:51
Yeah. Yeah, I think it was Christ. But

Bryce (Jack's 47 Mobile Bar):   20:53
these are the these with the cabins that, you know the kids stay in now. I was a camp counselor way back in the day. And if I'm counting, right, I think we had six campers and a counselor per cabins. That was, like, seven beds or so are you on about that number? Is it about 76 or seven beds per cabin?

Michelle (Camp Pinnacle):   21:16
It's, uh, 12 12 pence per cabin.

Bryce (Jack's 47 Mobile Bar):   21:20
They're bigger

Michelle (Camp Pinnacle):   21:22
yet, so they're about clover. And there's, you know, best. The average one is gonna have about 12 beds for cabin. Um, so they're mostly bunks. A few singles. And then we do have, like, our nurses health center that Scott beds with actual mattresses. There's a queen size bed and there some twin beds. Um, yes, I typically the bride and groom will stay there, or we've got a couple remodel cabins as well on, you know, for your bridal party, you're the parents, but most of your guests will be in cabins that sleep up to 12. Um, guess now that being said, we can sleep around 200 up to 200 on site. Um, so most groups don't have 200 people staying on site so you can spread your guests out if you have, You know, five people you want to put in one cabin and 10 and another. You know, you're not having to still up each cabin before you move on. You have the sight and you decide where your guests are staying. And so, um, you definitely can spread people out.

Bryce (Jack's 47 Mobile Bar):   22:31
I see. Yeah, Because as I said, the wedding that ah, that I attended with my business. I think it was around 110. So you're saying they just kind of they probably split people according to maybe family or friend group into those cabins, So that does make a lot of sense. Um, I got excited when he said remodeled cabins because I I mean, I can camp out with the best of them, but I would want to know about those What are those? Like, our there's more like, Are they dry walled? And, um, you know what they were model cabins look like. And who would those be best

Michelle (Camp Pinnacle):   23:11
for? S o. You know, they those ones have bathrooms in them, so we've got one. It's still has Bunz but it's got a bathroom that connects the two cabins with, you know, two showers, two toilets. A couple sinks on. That one's great for families. Oh, that one also actually has a slide coming out. The front of it, you know, is that it's exciting. It's great for a ride that was great for bridal party or families. Well, small kids. You know, you may have some families coming that I don't wanna have to access a you know, bathhouse at the middle of the night with their young Children. So to have those toilets and showers right there, um, the health center is one. Like I said, it's got the queen bed. There's two bathrooms in their most often the bride and groom stay there sometimes their parents, because again those beds there's four bedrooms there, so there's a little more privacy with two. Most of those rooms have two beds and two twin beds in a um, and then we have our director's cabin that sleeps four, and that's got a new bathroom in there as well. So that's often parents as well, you know, or your grandparent's staying. Uh, yeah, those you know, there's a few of those options. Where if you have a guest that doesn't more privacy or has small Children Um, yeah, those are more spirited

Bryce (Jack's 47 Mobile Bar):   24:38
about. Yeah, that makes sense. I like that you have that option because, you know, I know that not everyone is gonna want to do the whole rustic cabin thing. Eso having just for those people that absolutely can't handle it. Um, having the option for those cabins is really nice. Now, with the organization of their guests staying in the cabins today. Handle that. Do you handle that? Is there a digital framework? And how does that all work?

Michelle (Camp Pinnacle):   25:08
Yeah, um, they handle that because, I mean, they're gonna know who, uh, wants to be in the cabin with you. And And so what I usually do is I have the group as opposed to, like, table assignments. I'm like, Okay, what are your cabin assignments? And I'll send the group a document. The couple of document that has our kevin names. How many beds in each cabin is kind of describes them, and then they use that to create their cabin assignments. And the week before the wedding, I typically asked the moken you you know. Send me your cabin assignments. So I know where guests are on site. Which cabin's still be using. And then if I'm at the welcome table, that allows me Thio let guests know which cabin belle be in.

Bryce (Jack's 47 Mobile Bar):   25:54
Okay. Yeah. So you do welcome them. Show them the way. That's really helpful. Yeah. Do you have any crazy stories from camp weddings? Anything out of the ordinary that you would like to share with us?

Michelle (Camp Pinnacle):   26:09
Oh, my gosh. Um, there's so many. I mean, it's every I'll say nothing surprises me anymore. I convinced. Saying that, um nothing surprises me. I just every weekend is a glass, um, one. You know, one real cute can't. Story was quite often the bride and groom are still having so much fun out in the lake. I sometimes get worried if they're going to get out of the lake in time for their wedding. Uh, I had one bride. She was swimming around in the lake, literally jumps out in her bathing suit just in time to walk up to her rehearsal, and so did the reversal of the bathing suit and then done jumps right back in the lake. You know, It's just it's just so much fun. But at this point, I mean, people are like, we're all just big kids, and that definitely comes out a summer camp on the weekend. So, like I said, nothing really surprises

Bryce (Jack's 47 Mobile Bar):   27:09
me anymore. Okay? I won't dig too deep into all that. Uh, now how If if a couple wanted to maybe take a tour or start talking to you about availability and all the details would be the best way for them to move forward in that process,

Michelle (Camp Pinnacle):   27:32
Have a couple's interested. The best way is to email me at events at Camp Pinnacle. That camp. Um, if that email me, let me know they're interested. I replied back to them, I'm just kind of with our pricing, a calendar with which weekends are available. Just some other information that would help them determine, you know, is camping ago, Uh, something that really interested for their wedding? Um, I'm there, you know, Hopefully they'll give me a call, have my phone number and that email. Either give me a call or reply back to the e mail, and we set up a to work. Uh, I absolutely love made in couples and showing him around camp. I mean, it's just so much trying to get out there, walk around, meet them, hear their story, how they got engaged, met. I've been just kind of walk around the camp. It's it's beautiful and, you know it is love, um, showing people what we have to offer

Bryce (Jack's 47 Mobile Bar):   28:29
It is a really great spot. And I was a bit frustrated that was raining because I didn't get to explore like I might have, Um because I usually do arrive a good amount early. Um, so that's great. So are the doers are given. Well, actually, let's get back to availability because you're a summer camp, you really only have a few weekends, right? So do you know that number off the top your head? Or could you tell us the month so we could figure figure it out? I mean, there's only probably 10 or 12 weekends where people gave in book camp Pinnacle.

Michelle (Camp Pinnacle):   29:07
Yeah, it's an average. We have about 12 to 15 a year. Um, depending. And when we started in the season, I'm so typically mid April through the end of May is our spring window that we have, and then we pick right back up mid August. Too soon a summer camp ends and we'll go through the end of October

Bryce (Jack's 47 Mobile Bar):   29:34
in this year. The last week in October is Halloween?

Michelle (Camp Pinnacle):   29:39
Yes. Yes. And actually, that is our one fall weekend still available. So I'm like, surely someone wants a Halloween wedding.

Bryce (Jack's 47 Mobile Bar):   29:50
I think it takes a special couple to do that.

Michelle (Camp Pinnacle):   29:54
Right. I know they're out there.

Bryce (Jack's 47 Mobile Bar):   29:57
Yeah, it would be awesome. I I booked Warren Halloween wedding so far, but it's, uh we're just outside of Charleston, so I'll be down there. But I hope someone books y'all for hollowing. I mean, I can't imagine how cool the pictures would be with people all dressed up, like on the lake in the canoes. You know, like a gorilla next to ah, princess or a cowboy next to a doctor. Whatever. You know, it would be so picturesque at Camp Pinnacle.

Michelle (Camp Pinnacle):   30:31
Can't. Can't Pinnacle. Yeah.

Bryce (Jack's 47 Mobile Bar):   30:35
Um, Michelle, would you like thio share anything else about Cam Pinnacle or the weddings or the way that you guys operate before we did about?

Michelle (Camp Pinnacle):   30:46
Um uh, Gus, you know, I just you know anyone who's interested please reach out because, um, it truly is just a magical weekend. I can't say I, you know, I've never gone to summer camp is a kid, and I am so fortunate given out there now every summer and every weekend, spring and fall. Um, so yeah, like, it's really like you just want to find weekend with your friends and family. It's the place to be, and Kent winnings are, yes, something that everyone will remember

Bryce (Jack's 47 Mobile Bar):   31:21
exactly. And as I said, I'm a big fan. I've done two so far. We have two coming up this year, and I think it's just a great way, given the just the reality that people live all over the country these days. You know, your friends are not usually your best friends or not in your city anymore, which is thanking his buddy. So I think, with all with so many people traveling in, having the lodging available makes sense logistically, having the activities available makes sense for entertainment purposes. And the simple fact that you have a weekend to spend with people rather than just those three or four hours is priceless. So I can't wait to do more wedding, um, at summer camps, especially Camp Pinnacle so I look forward to see then Michelle, if not hopefully before that. Um, it's only April now, And I don't think that wedding still October, but I just want to thank you again for jumping on that call and sharing your knowledge experience with folks in regards to Camp Pinnacle and camp lead ins.

Michelle (Camp Pinnacle):   32:35
Yeah, Thank you so much for having me today.

Bryce (Jack's 47 Mobile Bar):   32:38
All right, Take care. Michelle said

Michelle (Camp Pinnacle):   32:41